Focused Representation

Our Core Focus

Our objective as legal counsel is to protect you and your family. We believe that the only way to accomplish this is to focus on the interrelated areas of Estate Planning, Guardianship, and Probate. Unlike other law offices, our firm does not offer Estate Planning as an “additional” service, it is our main focus. Creating a plan for the future sounds like a simple task, but it needs an all encompassing implementation.

More Than Just Documents

Simply put, these legal documents are your intentions, set forth in writing. Aside from the personalization, the key is to make sure that all the documents work in unison to accomplish your goals. Contradictory language in a Will and Trust can lead to Probate Litigation. Unclear guidance in a Power of Attorney can introduce Guardianship battles. Although these are just a few examples, you can see that generating accurate documents requires a deep understanding of multiple areas of law.

You need an attorney that understands the entirety of the probate process.

How are wills contested? Who fights for guardianship? When can creditors attack your assets?

With years of experience drafting intricate estate plans, designing trusts, contesting wills, fighting for guardianship, and working directly in the probate courts, you can rest assured with our guidance. In cases of litigation, you can be confident in our ability to find pitfalls or strengths in these documents.

Our unified understanding of the entire process helps us serve you and your personal needs.