Personalized Counsel

Personal Is Better

We believe that our legal area of focus requires an inherently personal relationship with our clients. Other firms do not. Learning about your life, your family, and your goals actually helps us represent you better.

Estate Planning

In Estate Planning, we are creating a plan that protects you and your family, both now and after you are gone. The decisions you will need to make are just that, yours. We will guide you through the comprehensive process, but our objective is to build a plan that is uniquely yours. Therefore, open and thorough dialogue with our clients is crucial. Additionally, our personalized service promotes our mission of making Estate Planning accessible. Whether it's a home visit to fit in your schedule or questions over the phone, we are here to serve you.


We also believe that Probate matters need a personal touch. Whether it's a Decedent's Estate Administration or a Probate Litigation, someone you know has passed away. We want to help resolve your issues with as much care as possible. These matters are naturally personal and emotional. Getting to know our clients and their decedent, allows us to respect the nature of this process and give you peace of mind.


In Guardianship cases, someone that you care about needs assistance. The circumstances usually evoke emotions. We will put your mind at ease that the legal aspects of the process are handled, so that you can focus on what really matters. We know what a great responsibility it is.

Lasting Relationships

Choosing us as your legal counsel is a big decision, but you can rest assured that we prioritize personal service. It fosters communication, trust, and allows us to represent you in the best possible way. Our hope is to establish a lasting relationship with every one of our clients. Life has its way of changing things. Know that we are a resource willing to listen, design individual solutions, and always put your personal priorities first.