Transparent Fees

Know Your Costs

You will know your costs before any action is taken on your behalf. From package pricing that details upfront costs to competitive hourly rates, our clients value our transparency. Every invoice contains a full breakdown of services provided with associated costs.

Any and all work is agreed upon before you get a bill. If the need for additional work presents itself, we will always discuss with you before moving forward. We aim for no surprises.

Promoting Better Service

We believe that the relationship between an attorney and a client should be built on a foundation of trust. Estate Planning, Probate, and Guardianship are all inherently personal. As your legal counsel, we want you to openly communicate with us.

We do not want our important dialogues to be limited by the fear that you are ringing up exorbitant fees. We would rather have you ask a question or mention a concern, than withhold it. Our cost transparency fosters communication so that we can earnestly represent you. As such, this allows us to serve you in a more personalized and effective way.


We want comprehensive Estate Planning to be accessible to people from all walks of life. It is more than just safeguarding your money when you die. It is about protecting you and your family while living.

No one can afford not to have a plan in place when everything is in chaos.

We design a plan for your current needs, not extraordinary circumstances. This keeps costs low. And as time goes by, we will work with you to keep your plan up to date, especially as your life changes. Our hope is to establish a lasting relationship with every one of our clients.